Hello there! My name is Kayla Bernardez, and I am a teacher, TpT author, blogger, and founder of The Average Teacher. I am currently in my 5th year of teaching in the great state of Texas. Currently I teach 2nd grade math and science, but have also taught 3rd grade and kindergarten!

I opened The Average Teacher Teachers Pay Teachers store in March of 2018. Just prior to that, I discovered a love of curriculum development and became passionate about student engagement – so I melded the two together and began creating engaging resources for my classroom! I decided to open a TpT store shortly thereafter so I could share my resources with others.

I’ll be honest – when I first came up with the name “The Average Teacher,” I thought it was brilliant. It was available on both Instagram AND Teachers Pay Teachers, and the name embodied everything I wanted to represent. Unfortunately, I didn’t foresee that there would also be a lot of confusion surrounding the name…

“Why would you call yourself ‘average?'” people ask me all. the. time. “Don’t you think people will get the wrong idea?”

Uhhh…no, I didn’t think of that. *facepalm*

Too late now!

Actually, I did consider changing it. But I decided that I don’t care what people think. How many businesses have names that are just as confusing and misleading? A lot. But who really thinks about the name once the brand becomes well known? No one.

So, I’m sticking to it because I believe in this name, this brand, this mission. The mission is this:

EVERY teacher — first year or veteran, private school or public school, 1:1 technology or economically challenged — can make learning fun for students.

It doesn’t take a special skill set, years of experience, or a bottomless bank account for your classroom to be a place where students WANT to be. Engagement starts with YOU – an average teacher who desires to teach not-so-average lessons.

I don’t use the word “average” to describe the quality of my (or your!) work, because I know that you are kicking butt in the classroom and doing everything you can for those precious kiddos. I use the word “average” because I’m just like you – a passionate teacher just trying to do my best to do something that matters.

If you resonate with the mission of The Average Teacher, then welcome! I’m so glad you found your way here. Please, take a minute to say hi and share your #averageteacher story! I’d love to get to know you better.