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    Summer Update

    Hi friends! Dropping in real quick to give a quick summer update… Hopefully by the time you’re reading this, I am holding my sweet baby boy in my arms! (Due date was yesterday, but given that I’m writing this post 4 weeks ago…who knows?!) Basically I’m time traveling here. Writing to you from the past! (I guess it would be more impressive if I was writing to you from the future, huh?) Anyway, due to me wanting to spend some time with my new baby, I’ve scheduled out LOTS of blog posts ahead of time so that they are consistently posting. However, given that that was a lot of work…

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    Life Update!

    Hey, friends! Just wanted to drop in and give a little life update for y’all as some things are changing around The Average Teacher Headquarters! (Whoa, that sounds like, super official. It’s really just a super small room inside my home, but “headquarters” has a nice ring to it.) If you caught my live on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, then you can stop reading now – this is nothing new. But, if you didn’t, keep reading! As many of you know, I am having a baby in just a couple of weeks! We are so excited and cannot believe how quickly the time has gone by since seeing…